Hello! Welcome to Studio SML.

SML is a self-initiated and self-funded project by The Press Room, with support from DesignSingapore Council, the purpose of this project is to document the journeys of local architects and designers, and the sacrifices, struggles, and rewards that come from pursuing a career in the creative industry. Each interview serves as a mini-biography of each creative in Singapore.

Simply categorised by studio size - small (S) will be for 1-man show to small teams of up to 15; medium (M) will be for 16 - 30 people; large (L) will be firms of 30 and above. The interviews will focus on content, rather than visual materials. It will feature both upcoming, young designers to established veterans. The mission for Studio SML is to document them before they shine, and to document them before they die - eventually the archive will serve as a comprehensive resource of design studios in Singapore, and a historical documentation for the future generations of Singapore designers, and Singaporeans in general as an educational platform on the design histories of Singapore.

Studio SML hopes to promote open and candid conversations about the design industry, both within and outside of the design community. Our dream is not only to educate the general public about the challenges of being a designer, but also to nurture a greater appreciation for the work that designers do!

Yours faithfully,

Kelley Cheng

Creative Director
The Press Room

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